General Chemistry Laboratory

Data Retrieval, Excel Assignments, Resources and Examples

Data Retrieval
  • Select the experiment for which you want to retrieve results.
  • Enter your username (ID) and password and then click on the Submit button.
  • An Excel spreadsheet will be retrieved with your class' data in it.  Save this file to your hard drive and then analyze it according to the instructions for that experiment.
CHEM 211
CHEM 212
Freezing Point Depression
Empirical Formula
Equilibrium Constant

Synthesis of Coordination Compound

Redox Titration of Oxalate
Titration of Vinegar
Water of Hydration
Heat of Formation
Photoreaction of Iron
Spectroscopy Acid-Base Dissociation Constants
  Solubility Product Constant
  Determination of several thermodynamic quantities



CHEM 211 Handouts

CHEM 212 Handouts
PenniesFreezing Point Depression
Empirical Formula Equilibrium Constant

Synthesis of a Coordination Complex

Synthesis of Aspirin

Gas Law Handout
Redox titration of Oxalate
Gas Law Lab Instructions Water of Hydration
Titraton of VinegarPhotoreaction of Iron
Heat of FormationAcid-Base Dissociation Constants
Spectroscopy pH titration curve
Chemical Interactions Electrochem Expt
Vitamin CElectrochem Data 
 Solubility Product Expt
 Determination of Several Thermodynamic Quantities


Excel Resources
Sample Spreadsheets
Excel tutorial Pennies Excel Worksheet


Pennies Excel Chart
Excel HomeworkDensity Excel Workbook
How to make a Histogram